The Clinical Physiopathology and Health Risk area of research follows two principal lines of approach:
- Clinical Physiopathology, mainly in the cardiopulmonary, neuroendocrine and renal areas, with research developed in synergy and in partnership with the healthcare units of Fondazione Toscana “G. Monasterio", the hospitals of Niguarda (MI) and Reggio di Calabria, in particular in studies which require the involvement of patients;

- Research into Biomarkers aimed at identifying prognostic and risk factors for illnesses and their evolution.

Special importance is attached to: the role of multimodal cardiovascular imaging; coronary microcirculation disorders in heart conditions; heart/kidney interactions; molecular mechanisms that regulate the micro-vascular tone; underlying mechanisms of heart failure and related biomarkers; endocrine regulating mechanisms in cardiac physiopathology (insulin, thyroid hormones, natriuretic peptides, osteopontin and other biomarkers); physiopathology of pulmonary hypertension. Another line of research is focussed on studying cardiovascular adjustments to extreme environmental conditions, studies supported by a 2nd level Master’s degree held at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.


Neuroendocrine factors of cardiovascular risk

Medical imaging/endocrinology metabolism & nuclear medicine