The Unit of Epidemiology and Research on Health Services applies a multidisciplinary approach to the epidemiological research in the following main areas of expertise: observational studies, clinical studies, data mining, health risk assessment, assessment of outcomes in pharmacology, toxicology, diagnosis and therapy.

The Unit also participates in national and European studies on addiction risk behaviors; in the definition of individual risk factors for personalized medicine and the development of new methodologies for decision support systems in clinical field, both for public and private bodies.

The Unit is responsible for the implementation of the two national ESPAD-Italy and IPSAD surveys, both on the behavioral use of psychoactive substances and risky behaviors in the italian high school students and in the general population. In particular, thanks to ESPAD®Italia, the Unit participates in the homonymous European project in collaboration with more than forty countries and with the European Union Observatory on Drugs and Drug Addiction and the European Council, placing the Institute of Clinical Physiology among the reference actors at European level for the monitoring of addictions in Italy.





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