The work/school alternation, established by MIUR, is based on an innovative approach to teaching, under the responsibility of the school or training institution, on the basis of special agreements with companies, industries, crafts and industry, available to welcome students for periods of learning in a work situation. The Legislative Decree 77/2005, assumes this alternation, between school and work, as a training method to stimulate participation in young people, in addition to build basic knowledge, to acquire autonomy and skills that can be spent in the world of work.

IFC boasts a lot of collaborations with various institutions of the Pisan and extra-provincial territory, engaging students in a typical “work environment”, both to train and encourage the attention of young people to Scientific Research.


Liceo Statale “Enrico FERMI”, Cecina - IFC  08/03/2021
Polo Scientifico Tecnico Professionale “E. Fermi – G.Giorgi”, Lucca - IFC 07/09/2019
Istituto Tecnico Industriale "Leonardo da Vinci", Pisa - IFC e IIT  06/04/2019
Liceo Scientifico "Ulisse Dini", Pisa - IFC 15/06/2019
Liceo classico “Galileo Galilei“, Pisa - IFC 16/06/2019