EchoCardio-Norm is a simple and essential tool for cardiologists, echocardiographists, anesthesits, radiologists: an application that can be used daily on smartphones, tablets or desktop PCs to calculate normal echocardiographic values.

The major innovations of this app are: 1) the immediate availability of normal data from different sources; 2) the option to automatically choose the most appropriate reference value for a subject by age, sex, and ethnicity.

A section dedicated to normal range in the specific field of cardiac magnetic resonance is also available.

The application is available for Android smartphones and personal computers running Windows, OSX, and LINUX.

EchoCardio-Norm: was developed through the joint work of two Italian Institutions: Fondazione Toscana "G. Monasterio "(FTGM), and the Institute of Clinical Physiology, National Research Council (IFC-CNR).
The two main authors are Dr. Massimiliano Cantinotti, cardiologist, echographist  who works at FTGM, Massa and Pisa (Italy); and Marco Paterni, an expert in the development of medical software at IFC-CNR in Pisa.


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SORTER-ò in San Cataldo

The new sorting service available at IFC

sorter-1Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) is a technique that separates cells with different characteristics that coexist within a heterogeneous population. The cell type of interest is marked using one or more fluorophores (fluorescent proteins such as GFP or RFP expressed by suitable vectors, fluorescent antibodies that recognize specific membrane proteins, fluorescent products of specific enzymatic activities, fluorescence molecules interfering with DNA) and Is separated from the rest of the unmarked population. The essential benefit offered by FACS is that cells obtained after sorting are vital and can therefore be studied for their biological properties as well as for their phenotypic characteristics. Sorting is used for this purpose in various fields of research: in cardiovascular biology, to study the differentiation of endothelial cells; In biology of development, to study the formation of the heart and the central nervous system; in tumor biology, to study heterogeneous populations of cancer cells. [read more]

In order to meet the needs of users working in San Cataldo but also those operating in the external scientific community, the CNR Clinical Physiology Institute offers a sorting service based on the use of FACSJazz at two Colors (blue laser 488nm + yellow-green laser 561nm).

The use of sorting takes place under the supervision of a specialized technician who is responsible for the maintenance of the instrument and the execution of experiments.

The service includes:

  • Assistance in fine-tuning sorting experiments
  • Assistance in acquiring, analyzing and interpreting data
  • Assistance in presenting the data

The conditions and technical details of this service are described as follows:


 The FACSjazz instrument available at IFC

 Access form  to the sorting service available at IFC

 IFC Sorting Facility-Booking Form