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Il Paziente “virtuale” per la Formazione in Cardio…

Il Paziente “virtuale” per la Formazione in Cardiologia

L’Università Sapienza -  Dipartimento di Scienze Cardiovascolari, Respiratorie, Nefrologiche, Anestesiologiche e Ge...

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N2Lab: la Ricerca clinica pisana realizza una casa…

N2Lab: la Ricerca clinica pisana realizza una casa comune in IFC

Nasce a Pisa N2Lab, il primo laboratorio congiunto dedicato alla microneurografia e microneurostimolazione, grazie alla ...

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iIstituto di Fisiologia Clinica (IFC – Institute of Clinical Physiology) is the largest biomedical institute for clinical research of the National Research Council (CNR).
The focus of research at IFC is on aetiopathogenesis, the diagnostics and therapy concerning  cardiopulmonary illnesses,  extending also to the complex dynamics of interaction with the  endocrine-metabolic system, kidney function and central nervous system.
The Institute’s mission, which has remained unchanged over the years, is to “Bring to the public health system the progress made in the diagnosis and treatment of patients that is derived from scientific research, drawing from clinical observation the themes and objectives of the research”, otherwise known as “Innovazione Finalizzata alla Cura” (Care-Focussed Innovation).
IFC’s logistic organisation comprises headquarters within the Research Area of CNR in Pisa, 6 branch offices (in Lecce, Massa, Milan, Reggio Calabria, Rome and Siena), and one operating unit (Messina).

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