European Chapter of the American College of Nutrition
International congress (ECACN 2013)
of the 4-5 March 2013, Pisa, Italy
Rapid changes in diet and lifestyle resulting from industrialization, urbanization, economic development and market globalization are having a significant impact on the nutritional status of populations. ECACN 2013 is your opportunity to learn about the impact of nutrition on cardiometabolic risk from world leaders, network with fellow specialists and enjoy the beautiful, historic setting of Pisa, Italy.
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The European Chapter of the American College of Nutrition has been established in November 2001 as a professional organization to promote scientific endeavor in the field of nutritional sciences. It is associated with the American College of Nutrition the oldest Nutrition Society funded in 1959. ECACN represents an ideal bridge between United States and Europe for a continuous, bidirectional flux of scientific knowledge and experience, which will enrich two different, but not so distant, realities in the field of nutrition and metabolism.

ordine-provincialecon il patrocinio del SIO e dell’Ordine dei Medici Chirurghi e degli Odontoiatri di Pisa

Early registration deadline: 20 th february 2013

Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: 28th february 2013

How to reach us

Airplane Closest airport is Pisa, center of the city.

Alternative airports: Firenze 80km away. Bologna 150 km away

Rome 300 km away

Train: Pisa Centrale railway station, Piazza della Stazione No. 10 (1h by train from Florence, 3h by train from Rome,

Highways: Genoa-Rosignano A12: exit Pisa Centro A11 Florence-Pisa North: Exit at the junction with A12

Expressways: Florence-Pisa-Livorno, exit Pisa Nord-est for the Area della Ricerca del CNR (Clinical Physiology)

Bus: The Institute of Clinical Physiology can be reached by the Urban Green LAM bus, which  runs every 15 minutes; inservice from  6 A.M. to 10 P.M. The nearest stop is "Via di Pratale”. The ticket must be bought on the ground and is valid for 60 minutes after cancellation.

Taxi Duration of trip from the railway station or airport to CNR: 10 minutes.

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Monday, 4th march 2013

10.15   Opening ceremony:   INTRODUCTION

Amalia Gastaldelli



Lecture 1: Radiation damage: can nutritional integrator mitigate the risk?

Eugenio Picano



Lecture 2: MS and CVD risk: is the whole greater than its parts?

Stefano Del Prato



Session 1: Impact of lifestyle and diet composition on cardiometabolic risk

Chair: G. Mingrone

  • Motivation to lifestyle changes in NAFLD and diabetes                   Giulio Marchesini
  • Impact of alternative nutrients on cardiometabolic risk.                 Vincenzo Lionetti
  • Protection of Cardiovascular Diseases using Coenzyme Q10          Debasis Bagchi

13.00-14.30   LUNCH BREAK 


Session 2: Obesity in children

Chair: MG Andreassi

  • Maternal obesity and infant metabolism                                         Patricia Iozzo
  • Epigenetics and metabolic programming of obesity                        Melania Manco



Lecture 3: Determinant of ectopic fat: lesson from an overfeeding study.

Martine Laville

16.15-16.30  BREAK


Session 3: The implication of NAFDL in children and adults

Chair: E. Bugianesi

  • Is fatty liver a cardio-metabolic risk factor? A methodological perspective          Giorgio Bedogni
  • Recent Insights on pediatric NAFLD                                                                     Valerio Nobili


Tuesday, 5th march 2013


9.15-10.15 Abstract’s oral presentation

Chair: P. Marraccini



Session 1: Inflammation, ectopic fat and cardiometabolic risk

Chair: V. Nobili

  • Ectopic fat and inflammation                                                               Fabio Marra
  • Implication of diet composition and gut microflora                        Gianluca Svegliati-Baroni
  • From NAFLD to NASH and HCC                                                            Elisabetta Bugianesi

11.45-12.00 BREAK


Lecture 1: From metabolic normality to cardiometabolic risk

Ele Ferrannini

13.00-14.30 LUNCH BREAK


Lecture 2: Impact of bariatric surgery on cardiometabolic risk

Geltrude Mingrone



Session 2: Fat in heart and vessel and cardiometabolic risk

Chair: MA Morales

  • Metabolic inflammation and diabetes complications:evidence from experimental and clinical studies                                                                                                    Massimo Federici
  • Obesity, epicardial fat and cardiovascular risk                                Rosa Sicari
  • Obesity paradox and cardiovascular disease                                   Clara Carpeggiani

17.00   Closing Remarks:

Amalia Gastaldelli