With the founding of the Fondazione Toscana Gabriele Monasterio (FTGM, operational since November 1st, 2007), on the joint resolve of CNR and Regione Toscana to strengthen and institutionalise its specific role as a bridge between the laboratory and the patient, IFC divested itself of its medical operations that have now been taken over by FTGM. Thus, IFC can now benefit from an institutional bond with FTGM, providing preferential access to a whole range of cardiovascular diseases (from congenital heart defects to acute heart failure), but is no longer burdened with the heavy administrative load of clinical routine.
For the IFC staff this is not only a necessary professional undertaking but it is also an essential gateway to a kind of research (necessarily translational, more often bedside-to-bench) that starts from the problems of the patient and to the patient returns with cultural, technological and therapeutic solutions.